KCA Greenwich working in partnership with Greenwich’s Women’s Aid (GWA) to build resilience

Royal Greenwich Young Peoples’ Substance Misuse Service

Our newly appointed family worker Simon Knott has been working hard to promote the service and the work he does with parents and carers. He recently visited Greenwich Women’s Aid to meet with parents to talk about drugs and alcohol and young people.

Although the parents were familiar with the FRANK website they found it useful to be able to talk face to face with an expert who was able to answer their questions.  The question “why do people use substances” was the main focus for the group and Simon facilitated the discussion and encouraged the group to talk about why they thought people used drugs, alcohol and even chocolate. The parents talked about stress factors that sometimes make people use substances, and thought about healthier alternatives. Everyone recognised the  importance of teaching their children positive and healthier ways of dealing with stress and the challenges of life.

KCA Greenwich look forward to a long-term partnership with Greenwich Women’s Aid and will continue to support the work they do with young people and their parents.

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