First educational film on synthetic cannabinoids launched

KCA and The Angelus Foundation, the legal highs awareness charity, today launched the first ever educational film in the UK for young people showing the harms from synthetic cannabis. The film was made in conjunction with KCA Young Persons’ Services and is presented by stand –up comic Jeff Leach. It portrays two young men, Jack and Will, who have had suffered physical and mental health harms from these substances.

Synthetic cannabinoids have been linked to many serious incidents where young people have collapsed. There have been several occasions of teenagers being hospitalised after smoking these mixtures before or at school. These products are a result of man-made chemicals being sprayed on to plant material and can often produce unpleasant and intense negative experiences in users.

The film is launched following a series of headshop raids in Kent last week when substantial amounts of synthetic cannabinoid products were seized by Kent Police and Trading Standards.

The founder of The Angelus Foundation, Maryon Stewart, said, “Young people who are not informed about these powerful substances are vulnerable to the effects which can be devastating. There have even been deaths linked to synthetic cannabis. The way they are marketed makes them appear as low risk when they are potentially highly dangerous and damaging. Our film, made with KCA, gives a dispassionate portrayal of what smoking these substances can do – young people need to know the risks and the consequences. ”

Rick Bradley, NPS Lead for KCA Young Persons’ Services, said: “In Kent, we have seen very localised problems with these legal highs and most notably from the potentially damaging effects of synthetic cannabinoids. This film, made in partnership with Angelus, is unique and will be shown to young people in schools, colleges, youth clubs and at festivals. Young people need to understand there are new and unpredictable harms from smoking these products and where to get help if things go wrong.”

There are two films which will be shown in schools as well as 30 second short clips for social media.

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