Teenager shows KCA’s support in poems

A 16-year-old girl who came to KCA for support with alcohol use has written two poems to mark the end of her treatment.

The alcohol use had been negatively impacting on her relationships and mental health, but since engaging with KCA over a period of months, she now has her alcohol use under control and drinks only at special occasions.

She has also improved her school attendance, as well as her relationships with peers and family.

She wrote the poems to show others that with KCA’s help, you can find a way to feel better., move on and deal with overpowering emotions.
Here they are below:


You beat her down but she rose again, you put her head down but she came back stronger.
You beat her time and time again but she never gave up, you put her through hell and back yet she is still a survivor.
You beat her life until it broke into a million pieces but she mended it, you put her mind in a place that is no-mans land yet she managed to find her way out.
You beat her soul and sanity but she won it  back, you put her in a nightmare world but she managed to turn that into a sweet dream.
You beat her through all of this but she managed to live on and became much stronger thanks to you, you put her through crap but in the end SHE BEAT YOU!

When you feel low and depressed, all you want is someone to out their arms around you and tell you it’s going to be ok.
When you feel like you’re the only person in the world, all you want is for someone to shout and call your name.
When you feel like everything is your fault, a;; you want is someone to take the blame .
When you feel like there’s no end to the day, all you want is for something to take you away.
When you feel like that it’s your turn to go, all you want is someone or something to end your day.
When you feel everything is against you, all you want to do is turn and hide away.
When you feel there’s no point to your life, all you want is someone to put a point there.
When you feel like you’re a waste of space, all you want is for that space to be filled.
It’s not until you finally realise that nobody thinks this or it’s not your turn to go, you know that your safe and people around you live you…JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!

*Photo courtesy of Mateusz Stachowski via freeimages

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