Youngsters wear beer goggles for alcohol awareness talk

Young people in Dartford and Woolwich saw through beer goggles – to find out how it feels to be drunk.

No alcohol was needed, as the special glasses the donned, simulate vision that’s impaired by drinking.

The sessions were held for young people in the two areas, as part of Alcohol Awareness Week but more are planned to warn others of the dangers of drinking. The sessions also aim to educate on safer drinking and staying safe if youngsters still choose to consume alcohol.

As well as beer goggles, activities included emergency first aid demonstrations and a ‘free-pouring’ of alcohol exercise. This involves the young people estimating the units decanted before measuring them – often with surprising results which highlighted the dangers of free pouring and how easy it is to underestimate alcohol strength.

Information about safety and minimising risk while drinking, as well as the long and short-term effects of alcohol use, was given out and young people were encouraged to ask questions.

Cat Archer, from KCA’s Young Persons’ Service in Kent delivered the Dartford session and said: “It’s important to raise alcohol awareness from a young age and Alcohol Awareness Week was a great opportunity to further the work that KCA is doing with young people to inform them of the risks of alcohol abuse and benefits of responsible consumption. “We never want to preach to young people, so getting them to see the inaccuracy of free-pouring and the unpleasant side effects of excessive drinking for themselves was key. They were really engaged with the session and seemed to enjoy the activities, which is a great result!”

The Woolwich session was delivered by our Greenwich Young Persons’ Service.

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