KCA Professionals

Young Addaction is a voluntary sector provider commissioned to deliver early intervention and specialist treatment to young people aged 10-17 years who have problems with drugs or alcohol.

We work one-to-one with young people and also run groups at schools and youth clubs or other young persons’ settings that are focussed on reducing risk-taking behaviour.

Our staff are highly skilled and trained and work closely with other professionals, such as the Youth Offending Service or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, to meet the range of a young person’s needs.

We also offer support and advice to parents/carers and families.

At Addaction we are ambitious and aspirational for young people and their families/carers. We want to ensure that they are healthy, safe and able to enjoy and achieve, so that they will make a positive contribution throughout their lives and achieve economic wellbeing.

We provide a fully integrated service which transforms young people’s lives through the delivery of evidence-based interventions that involve their parents/carers.

Running throughout all our services are three ‘golden threads’, which we believe make the difference:

  • ‘Holding hope’ – all young people can, and deserve to, succeed. We hold hope for them even when they are not able to.
  • ‘Doing with and not unto’ – we do it together with parents/carers and young people, working to find solutions to difficulties.
  • ‘Passion with purpose’ – we champion young people and have an agreed plan and vision which is driven with energy and vigour. Underpinning this is strong governance, rooted in shared values and agreed ways of working.

Our Services

We offer a number of services:

Early Intervention Work

• Advice and information

• Group work

• Informal one-to-ones

• Help to access other services

Specialist Treatment

• One-to-one with a specialist substance misuse worker

• Substitute prescribing if needed

• Sexual health interventions

• C-card registration

• Help to access other services

Criminal Justice Intervention

• One-to-one with a specialist substance misuse worker

• Substitute prescribing if needed

• Sexual health interventions

• Help to access other services

Family Work

• One-to-one support for parents and carers who are concerned about a young person’s drug or alcohol use

• Support for young people who are worried about another person’s drug or alcohol use


This service is available to professionals requiring consultation around young people’s substance misuse issues.

Working in partnership

We know that young people’s substance misuse doesn’t happen in isolation. We provide services in close collaboration with a wide variety of agencies. If you would like to work more closely with us we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with your local service manager or our head office to talk more.

Referral and what happens

If you wish to refer a young person you can phone us, contact us by email or write to us.

Visit the service finder on the Addaction website to find your nearest Young Persons’ service,