Q. Will I have to wait long to see you?

No, we offer appointments within five days of receiving a referral. We do not have any waiting lists.

Q. What should I expect when I first come to the service?

A worker will introduce themselves and offer you an assessment. This takes roughly one hour. You will then be invited back to form a care plan, where you work with the worker to set some goals around what you would like to achieve during sessions. You will then usually be offered appointments once a week.

Q. What will happen at my appointments?

You will meet with your worker at a venue that is convenient to you. You can ask if you would like to meet somewhere else. Your worker will explain what KCA does and you will be able to speak about how you feel.

Q. Will you tell my parents that I am coming to the service?

No, if you are between the ages of 13-17 we do not have to inform your parents/guardians unless there is a risk issue, and we would speak to you before doing so. Having said that, in most cases we would want to encourage you to have a conversation with your parents and involve them if that is appropriate. If you are between the ages of 10-13, we have to inform your parent/guardian.

Q. What happens if I miss an appointment?

Sometimes things get on top of you and you may forget an appointment, or you don’t have the opportunity to let your worker know that you can’t attend. We understand this and it’s not a problem. Your worker will call, text or write to you to offer another appointment.

Q. Will my worker lecture me about my use and tell me what to do?

No. Your worker is skilled at listening to young people about their drug or alcohol use. Together you will complete an assessment looking at different areas of your life. Your worker will help you to consider how drugs or alcohol are affecting you and can offer information, support and advice.  Your worker can offer different options about lifestyle and choices. The appointments will be guided by what you wish to achieve.

 Q. What if I do not want to give up drugs or alcohol totally?

That’s OK. We will work with you to achieve what you think is manageable, whether this is to reduce or stop using altogether.

 Q. Can I speak to you in confidence?

We try to keep everything discussed between you and us exactly that. However, if we are really worried about your safety we may give someone else information to protect you. This happens very rarely and we will always aim to let you know first. If you want to know more about this then just ask.

 Q. Is the service free?


Q. How do I contact my worker?

You can ring the service number and leave a message for your worker. Your worker will then ring you back at the number that you provide as soon as they can.

 Q. Do you have disabled access?


 Q. What happens when I turn 18?

We work with young people until they turn 18.

If you are about to turn 18 we will talk to you about what services are available for you, and give you information about how we can help you access them and what you may expect.

We will arrange for you to meet a worker from another service and will attend this appointment and other appointments with you to help with this move to another worker and service.

We will help you with any concerns or questions that you may have about being seen in adult services.

Please note that our work with you will not necessarily stop as soon as you turn 18. Sometimes finding the right service and being comfortable with the move may take a little while (beyond your 18th birthday).

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